Beautiful Web Books

This new book on typography gives a pretty great run-down on the basics, and beyond, on using text. Butterick does seem to push a little bit too hard on using his own fonts, so although the book is free, it feels like a big ad. The information is still very useful and sound.

Check out Practical Typography, by Matthew Butterick.

Another free web book published this year is The Shape of Design by Frank Chimero. It also manages to be beautiful, while living inside a web browser. It has no underlying sales message either.

Evil on the Web

Evil 3D Rendered Cartoon Emoticon

Evil emoticon by wstera2

Google emailed me this morning, letting me know this site had been hacked. My first thought was Scam. But on closer inspection, someone had indeed modified every php file here to spread the infection and redirect people to unfriendly websites.

It is entirely my fault, for not changing passwords when my web host told me to. But it’s also a wakeup call about how much badness there is on the internet.

Everything is fixed now, and might even serve as an incentive to post a little more regularly. Seems unlikely however.

Climbing at Upper Slider

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Or, if you foolishly leave your climbing shoes at home, make awesome photos.

Jess climbing The Final Piece (25)

Jess climbing The Final Piece (25)

Tom climbing Wailer (25)

Tom climbing Wailer (25)

It was a lot of fun hanging on a rope taking photos of friends on spectacular rock climbs. Everyone’s getting really strong.

1062 Days

Is a very long time between posts. More than 10% of my life.

The trip I started in my last post was a resounding success. I rock climbed on 4 continents in 10 countries while travelling around the world. Celebrated the new year by sleeping in a snow cave on top of a mountain. Caught up with many old friends and made many new ones.

The time since then has been rather less exciting, but also much more relaxing.

On the way to Europe

My big holiday begins!

It’s 2am in Singapore, the first stop off on my way to Italy, and I’m making use of the free internet facilities at the airport. That was the longest leg of the flight, the next two portions are each half an hour shorter. There’s sooo much to watch on the plane, but nothing can keep my attention, am going to try and sleep some more this leg.

New Job, New Design

MyNight LogoLast week I finally started work again after only about 3 months holiday. I’m not helping a Brisbane based web startup called MyNight. Everything’s going well so far, and it’s great not to be sitting around the house any more.

I’ve also changed the layout of my site. Hopefully only temporary (hah), and just a stock theme, but at least not THE stock theme.

Burning Video DVDs with K3b in Linux

K3b LogoLast weekend it was finally time to sort out the mess of data on my computer. First task was to free up some space to move, and burning a few of the ripped DVDs would help a lot. I’ve managed before in linux, using the command line, but this time I wanted a GUI.

Low and behold, recent versions of K3b actually allow this, it was only a few months ago that I was foiled.

It’s nice when things (finally) just work!